Day 3, Take 1 (Live, Remastered)

David Elias & The CasualTees

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Day 3, Take 1 (Live, Remastered)

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-- Warning: Explicit Language --

EXCLUSIVE RELEASE Only At This Music Store, January 2021 Lyrics & Notes PDF

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DSD Exclusive Master is here...

"I really love MQA it lets the musicianship shine through. Which is very apparent in this set. I love the banter of a live show and this recording adds the sound of the venue. I think these are some of your best work. It pays to surround yourself with good people eh!" - Chris S., New Zealand

Recorded Live in the San Gregorio General Store, California in 2007, and now first released in January 2021. The large 9-piece electric & acoustic band David Elias & The CasualTees are in full swing with their home crowd. You hear the entire show, over 2 hrs. 15 minutes in length.

Featuring John Hartley Havard on Stratocaster and Roger Powell on keyboards Day 3, Take 1 represents the 3rd consecutive fundraising night of music in "The Store" with no holds barred and bar open.

This unedited, no effects or compression MQA conversion of the DSD source tracks were mixed live from 22 tracks by John Nowland (formerly Neil Young's Redwood Studios) to stereo and recorded as native DSD on Sonoma by Gus Skinas (

David Elias, acoustic/vocal/harmonica | John Havard, electric | Roger Powell, keyboards | Gary McArthur, tenor sax/flute | Charlie Natzke, electric-acoustic/vocal | Scott Beynon, electric bass/vocal | Ken Owen, drums | Reid Dennis, percussion.

Stereo live mix to DSD: John Nowland | DSD Engineers: Gus Skinas, Dr. Andrew Demery | Host: San Gregorio General Store (

MQA decoding unfolds this recording to 24/352.8k. Otherwise, FLAC plays at 24/44.1k on any player or music software.


  1. 01-02 Silver Pen, Too Early To Tell (13:24)
  2. 03-04 Not Another Minute, Stand In The Middle (13:31)
  3. 05-06 I'll Never Know Tomorrow, Roll Right On (17:06)
  4. 07-08 Lost In The Green, The Riddle Song (13:39)
  5. 09-10 You Never Know, The Road To Bethlehem (10:57)
  6. 11 ...until 06:55...(break for intermission)..., Hummingbird (12:18)
  7. 12-13 Heaven's Destiny, Audience of One (11:28)
  8. 14-15 Poor Polly, Save The Church (17:36)
  9. 16-17 Good Old Days, Field Of Wood (14:32)
  10. 18-19 Hi, Before Those Winter Nights (16:02)
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