David Elias MQA Sampler

David Elias

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David Elias MQA Sampler

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MQA Sampler can be played on any music player or Smartphone. No special hardware or software required.

These tracks present the high resolution capabilities of MQA as well as the corrections required in normal CD masters to remove pre- and post echo ringing effects. Results are a much more pleasing and natural sounding recording, reducing ear fatigue and the often edgy and compressed sound of original PCM masters. . You don't need any special equipment or software to hear these improvements over original CD quality. The tracks have been encoded with MQA already and MQA decoding is not required. With MQA decoding one may hear additional sonic improvements and the hi-res layers of the recordings can be unfolded up to 24/352.8k.

David Elias has been self-producing natural sounding digital recordings since 1995. His early work in DSD beginning in 1999 was his important gateway to the art of listening. His songs have been delivered and listened to around the world.

This sampler gives the listener an introduction to the articulate and careful acoustic recordings of a prolific and widely recognized independent artist as well as the finest capabilities of MQA remastering, featuring songs mastered at all resolutions (44.1, 96, 352.8).

Higher resolutions above 24/48k are unfolded and decoded by the proper MQA DAC and/or software media player.

Read more about MQA at www.mqa.co.uk or contact the artist with your questions.
released June 7, 2016

Produced and Arranged by David Elias All Music and Lyrics Copyright David Elias, All Rights Reserved Worldwide www.davidelias.com

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