E Komo Mai

E Komo Mai


Below are some of the high level integrations I have designed for hi-res excellence without all the wires, interconnecting devices, learning curves. Full hi-res DSD up to 512 and MQA full decoding with tube and solid state preamplification for headphones or stereo systems like VLOT Active System shown here.

Breakthrough here is the WiFi Solution!  You can use any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer to play bit perfect lossless hi-res and CD quality over your home/studio/business network. Not Bluetooth dependent though Bluetooth 5.0 is also supported.

Hear It All.

"I set up the Pro iDSD exactly as per your earlier instructions so am using the GTO filter & am seeing 45 mHz displayed. There is a depth & definition to the sound that I have not heard previously.

I have mainly been streaming from my iPhone 12 Pro Max via Airplay through TIDAL & have also tried via the Onyko HF player using the Format option on the player to choose DSF files to stream. 

Everything is working seamlessly. 

As you mentioned, I can change song anywhere in our apartment without any issues which has always been a restriction with Bluetooth. Plus the SQ is unparalleled."

- Bill K., Dublin Ireland

Stand Alone VLOT active speaker systems start at $999 (with dealer discount) plus shipping.

VLOT (150W RMS/Channel, 45Hz - 25kHz) includes Bluetooth 5.0, Toslink/Optical, Coax and RCA/Analog input in an excellent sounding entertainment style fully integrated sound system. One AC power cord and one thin flat speaker connection provided is all that is required to hook it up.

From there you can add full Hi-Res and WiFi/Ethernet support for all formats of digital audio up to DSD512, DXD x 2, MQA 24/384, PCM 768 and everything below with DSD1024 Remastering. This can be added anytime in the future.

Give me a shout and let me help you configure it right. I've been at this in hi-res since 2000 as a musician and studio engineer. I've been a computer and data/network engineer since 1982. I have a very good background in integration for hi-res, computers & networks.

Contact me for a quote for ANY product(s) from iFi Audio or Starke Sound. 

I am an authorized dealer of both and can provide you with a Dealer's Discount for both United States locations as well as other countries. 

Just tell me which products you would like complete quotes for, I'm happy to help!