Crossing (Pure DSD64 Studio Master)
  • Crossing (Pure DSD64 Studio Master)

Crossing (Studio Pure DSD Masters)


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As a followup to the live studio minimal microphone approach to hi-res DSD recording, "Crossing" was created in 2005 at Slipperworld Studios in La Honda, California. "Crossing" again used the Sonoma DSD workstation to capture the performance directly from microphones via vintage Meitner DSD ADC converters.

Musicians were arranged in a full circle including upright bass and drums. This intimacy gives "Crossing" a very personal translation to the listener in both stereo and multichannel 5.1 surround sound, placing the listener in the center of the circle facing the singer.

"Crossing" and "The Window" have been all time best-sellers on audiophile retail sites such as Visit for their exclusive extension of the DSD sound quality to DSD128, 256 and 512 using their Higher Resolution Program techniques for the most critical listening.

Musicians: David Elias - acoustic, vocal | Sally Van Meter - dobro, weissenborn | Matt Flinner - mandolin | Eric Thorin - upright bass | Chris Kee - upright bass | Marc Dalio - drums | Ken Owen - drums | Reid Dennis - percussion | John Havard - electric guitar | David Philips - pedal steel guitar

DSD Engineer: Charle Natzke | Studio Engineer and Live Mix: Charlie Natzke | DSD Mix, SACD Master: Gus Skinas

Recorded at Slipperworld Studios in La Honda California in 2005

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