Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions  (Pure DSD64 Studio Master)
  • Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions  (Pure DSD64 Studio Master)

Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions

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Known worldwide as one of the purest acoustic direct DSD recordings the acoustic trio session began and ended on the same morning in the La Honda Hills above Hwy 1 (San Gregorio). This 4 hour session captured the sounds of 2 acoustic guitars and voices and an upright bass being played and sang within arms length of the 3 musicians standing in a close circle.

The trademark minimal microphone approach taken by Elias in his previous SACDs was repeated here with microphones for each instrument and vocal. In addition microphones in the ceiling and back walls were, as with "The Window" and "Crossing" used to capture the natural reverberation and ambient characteristics of the recording space. Only these tracks were used in the Pure DSD mix on the Sonoma workstation, avoiding all compression and outboard or digital effects. There are no overdubs or edits in these mixes.

Musicians: David Elias - acoustic, vocals | Charlie Natzke - acoustic, vocals | Chris Kee - upright bass

DSD and Studio Engineer: Charlie Natzke | DSD Mix: David Elias | DSD Master: Gus Skinas

Recorded at Slipperworld Studios, La Honda, California in 4 hours. Mixed as Pure DSD in a single (long) night.

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