Slipper DSD Sessions (Pure DSD64 Studio Master)
  • Slipper DSD Sessions (Pure DSD64 Studio Master)

Slipper DSD Sessions

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David Elias's least understood but perhaps his widest lense of songwriting and performance in his DSD album catalog, "Slipper DSD Sessions" provides a glimpse into the varied expressions in sound ranging from whisper quiet acoustic ("Miracles Take Time (solo)" to a Heavy Wood sound with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums ("White & Blue") or a wilderness ranger roving type apocolypse as an acoustic/electric quartet ("Poor Polly").

These songs are all live studio performances without overdubs or edits. Creative, Inventive, Spontaneous, Intimate

Musicians: David Elias - acoustic, vocal | Charlie Natzke - electric guitar, vocal | Chris Kee - upright bass | Scott Beynon - electric bass | Ken Owen - drums

DSD and Studio Engineer: Charlie Natzke | Analog Mix: Charlie Natzke | DSD Master: Gus Skinas

Recorded live studio direct to Sonoma DSD Workstation at Slipperworld Studios in La Honda, California in 2006 and 2007

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