Day 3 Take 1 (Live, Pure DSD64)
  • Day 3 Take 1 (Live, Pure DSD64)

Day 3 Take 1 (Native DSD Live Mix Master)

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This unadulterated live performance of David Elias & The CasualTees in the San Gregorio General Store (2007) presents a complete insider's view of the power of the 9-piece CasualTees band delivering sound to their favorite local crowd on the San Mateo Coast, off Hwy 1 south of San Francisco.

This 3rd night in a series of shows presented on behalf of beloved band member John Havard (1950 - 2009) who performs his Stratocaster magic with The CasualTees in this recording.

Legendary and local hero John Nowland provided the 22-track live mix to DSD64 stereo recorded by Gus Skinas and Dr. Andrew Demery. This album is 100% unedited and is just over 2 hours in length (3 DSF audio files). Listen to the real thing in a 100+ year old General Store aka Acoustic Nirvana with its high ceilings and pots & pans & farmer clothes & books, books, books.

Musicians: David Elias - acoustic, vocal, harmonica | John Havard - electric guitar | Charlie Natzke - semi-acoustic/electric, vocal | Scott Beynon - electric bass, vocal | Ken Owen - drums | Reid Dennis - percussion | Gary McArthur - flute, tenor sax | Roger Powell, keyboards

DSD Engineers: Gus Skinas, Dr. Dem | Live Mix: John Nowland | DSD Master: David Elias

Recorded live (~2 hrs, 15 minutes) in the San Gregorio General Store, San Gregorio, California in 2007

01-02 Silver Pen, Too Early To Tell (13:24)
03-04 Not Another Minute, Stand In The Middle (13:31)
05-06 I'll Never Know Tomorrow, Roll Right On (17:06)
07-08 Lost In The Green, The Riddle Song (13:39)
09-10 You Never Know, The Road To Bethlehem (10:57)
11 ...until 06:55...(break for intermission)..., Hummingbird (12:18)
12-13 Heaven's Destiny, Audience of One (11:28)
14-15 Poor Polly, Save The Church (17:36)
16-17 Good Old Days, Field Of Wood (14:32)
18-19 Hi, Before Those Winter Nights (16:02)

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