From the recording Rare To Go


Aspen Rose - David Elias

Aspen Rose your toes remind me of a summer lost; beauty in the wilderness, unspoiled and untamed. Aspen rose your ruby nose reminds me of another frost, straight down from the north comes forth, we’re boiling tea again.

Aspen Rose your blonde hair glows as sunrise, easing up the
mountains and wandering through the pines. Aspen rose your youth shows silent as the twilight, straight in through the window calming down my inner mind.

Aspen Rose recall those nights when we were strangers, unknowing to the dangers that surrounded us like thieves. Aspen Rose nobody knows how things could not change. We flowed like a river right beneath October trees.

Aspen Rose I’ll go, I’m sorry that I’m weary, afraid that I have come too far in far too short a time. Aspen Rose your heart’s the slowest burning fire I’ll ever know, it’s time to go, I love you then goodbye.