From the recording Rare To Go

Recorded live from the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.


Hi - David Elias

Tell me the reason I feel this way. Is it something I said, or just
what I might say? Am I closing an old book or writing a new? Is it one long hello or just one short adieu?


Blueberry season, the mountains are one. The days are all long we just sit in the sun and talk through the hours, til the pale glimmering. If you lean a bit closer you might hear me sing.


And I won’t look back. I won’t look back. I’ll never go. I’ll never go. I can’t say yes. I can’t say yes. I won’t say no. I won’t say no. All that I need is the eye that can see in my heart.

So go wander away, but don’t linger too long or you may miss the reason you first came along. Tell me your story. Tell me your heart. We won’t share those secrets til well after dark.